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This could be you on your 40 spring pillow Micro coil support Its worth it for a good night's sleep
AUD$110 inc GST
of these
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otherwise its $12.90 (within Australia)
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Good sleep could save your marriage, your job, maybe even your life !
for just 15c per night (based on 2 years use of your pillow)

Poor sleep can cause loss of concentration, slow reflexes, short temper, headaches, back or neck pain. These can affect your marriage, your relationships with your boss, or employees. A good sleep will improve your ability behind the wheel of a car, your safety at work, your work performance and decision-making skills. Sleep deprivation* can make kids (and adults) more moody, more impulsive, less able to concentrate, and make it more difficult to learn. Our spring pillow could be just what you need!

Size: Features:
Approximate Dimensions & Weight
Height: 29 cm, Width: 78 cm, Depth: 48 cm
Weight: 1050 g, Made in Italy
High quality 40 spring micro coil support pillow
100% percale cotton cover
silicon-coated polyester fibre filling
Supplied in a vacuum-sealed pack for your protection

Our innerspring pillows are made with the best quality Italian matress springs surrounded by a foam casing
Manufacturer offers a five year warranty on defective parts.

 innerspring pillows

* Read more about sleep deprivation here Are you suffering from neck pain? You may not be getting the correct support, these are good pillows for neck pain.

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